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The Last Door

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Love letter to Lovecraft - Penny Arcade, Soon, I will stop trembling - Gamezebo
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TLD Translator Quick Tutorial

How to use:

  • First log into and follow this link: TLD Translator
  • Go to "Episodes" and select the one you want to translate. Note that you can only translate episodes you have access to with your login account.
  • Click the "New Translation Set" button, select the locale from the available list and type a name for your translation.
  • Now you can start writing your translation by double clicking on a line, or by clicking the "Details" button of each text string.
  • You can play the episode to test your translation at any moment. To do so, click the "Test translation" Button.
  • For each translation a forum thread is created, so other users can collaborate. Follow the "Discuss this translation" to check it.
  • When you have finished your translation, publish it directly on The Last Door official website as a community translation by clicking "Publish this translation to". Note that all strings must be already translated for the "Publish" button to work.

Seach function:

  • You can use the "Filter" button to search into the text strings of each translation by Bundle, String-ID or containing text. You can filter also by untranslated strings.


  • You can use SHIFT+ENTER as a shortcut to enter the current string and show the next one.
  • Beware of line beaks, symbolized by "↵". Your translated string must have the same number of line breaks, and in the same position as the original. If you have pasted the original text into your translation, note that you must manually replace any "↵" symbol with a line break.
  • Some strings may include advice comments. Please pay attention to them.