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The Last Door

Available for Windows Available for Mac Available for Linux
Love letter to Lovecraft - Penny Arcade, Soon, I will stop trembling - Gamezebo
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Original and intriguing story that will leave you hunger for more at the end of each chapter. Travel back and explore dark and mysterious Great Britain from the 1890's, investigate ghostly and gloomy places to uncover their cryptic secrets.

Music and sound effects

Outstanding soundtrack, by the award winner composer Carlos Viola completes the strange and frightening atmosphere of the game. Outstanding sound effects, makes it all the more effective.


A unique visual style that will show only what's necessary, triggering your imagination to bring the game's world alive. Investigate and wander through uniquely designed low-res style graphics as Jeremiah uncovers the ominous truth.


This game is a tribute to classic point and click adventures. Brings back the 90's feeling of the genre and mixes it up with a touch of contemporary gameplay and the thrill of modern TV series.



Get involved in the game creation, helping the development team to shape each chapter. Participate in the BETA and PREMIUM FORUMS and get featured in the game credits!



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