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The Last Door

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Love letter to Lovecraft - Penny Arcade, Soon, I will stop trembling - Gamezebo
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The Last Door: Season One: Pilot Episode
'The Letter'


In Pilot Chapter, our lead character receives a mysterious letter and is compelled to embark on a journey in search of his childhood friend. Finding the clues to his whereabouts, he will unravel the terrible situation in which the inhabitants of the great manor were living, and the truth about his owner.


Our brave beta testers: Reid Harris Cooper, Bashar Tyson, Jamas Enright, Marcos Cobeñas, Juanmi Lopez Barea & Rocío Gutiérrez, Dino Ljubić, Joanie Rich, Lucke Rogers and "SpellForger".

Pilot Chapter uses a few samples from Ambi - Stone valley quiet, bird, wind by Crow, Wind by inchadney FP_Flock_of_Birds, JBF Plywood Breaking 2 by cmusounddesign Match Light by Krisboruff Vent - wind (1) by Glaneur de sons Wind On Door Short by Benboncan Angry cat Roo by secondbody meows 03 hello by Fishdog Meow by Corsica_S