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The Last Door

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Love letter to Lovecraft - Penny Arcade, Soon, I will stop trembling - Gamezebo
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The Last Door: Season One: Episode Three
'The Four Witnesses'


Welcome to Old Nichol, one of the most depressing and dangerous places to be in the Victorian London. Devitt emerges back from the grave, with the help of some unknown hands, only to find himself lost and confused.


Our brave beta testers: Tyson Guttwein, Dino Ljubić, Reid Harris, Milaya Milen, Allen Zhao, Hannah Ledsom, Paulina Cumming, Christopher Beaton, Jamas Enright, Michael Ross, Daeniel Datu, Jeffrey Angell, Scott Horn, Maranda Molden, Ricardo Cárdenes, Anika Warnken, Burak Yucesoy, Alejandro Rovi, Eric Schmeck, S Meerman, Christopher Ferril.