TLD: Collector's edition IOS. Episode 2 black screen

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Re: TLD: Collector's edition IOS. Episode 2 black screen

Postby tgk_jmlozano » Tue Jun 13, 2017 12:55 pm

Sorry for the delay guys, it took more than expected to hunt that sneaky bug, but we've finally the update on the store!

My sincere apologies for the inconveniences in the game. I hope that you can enjoy the game now with no problems, and remember that we're here to give support if you find any issue in the future.
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Re: TLD: Collector's edition IOS. Episode 2 black screen

Postby elgeorge80 » Tue Jun 13, 2017 9:01 pm

Thanks a lot!
I am sure it was not easy to find the root cause for the bug and develop a solution.
For the next time, and hope there is no need, it will be very much appreciated if you could provide us with regular updates although you have to tell us that we need to wait a little longer.
As I said, thanks for solving the problem. I really liked this game in the past and supported you as a backer for the PC version, and was really happy of having the opportunity of remembering those days but on an iphone this time.
Glad to be a backer again with your new game Blasphemous, and hope you could port it as well in the future to IOS.
Keep up the good work!
Best regards,

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