The worst chapter so far? [spoilers]

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The worst chapter so far? [spoilers]

Postby UserName_717 » Sun Jul 03, 2016 10:00 pm

Hi guys,

after completing "My Dearest Visitor" episode which was in my opinion the most exciting one, I have to say that "The Reunion" was just... silly. I mean it was enitirely about walking through the locations to find out if something had changed after doing some totaly unrelated stuff. On the previous episode everything seems to be logicaly connected, but now...

... we need to find the ring so we can repare a bike chain! Ok, lets assume it's doable. But then, it apears that the main purpose of the bike is to ...
... charge the battery which should provide like 3000 W of energy for lightbubble of freakin lighthouse! And we do it literaly by turning pedal 3 times. I mean... really?!

During gameplay I had that feeling that everything I do is just random and barely connected.

Any thoughts?
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Re: The worst chapter so far? [spoilers]

Postby avec » Wed Jul 27, 2016 8:19 pm

Three days after the release of The Reunion, it occurred to me that the lighthouse could burn oil, but be equipped with an electric ignition device that was powered with a battery. Electric spark induction coils had been around since the 1830s and many of them used batteries. In that case, the battery would only need to generate a few sparks in order to ignite the fuel for the lamp.

I agree that My Dearest Visitor is better than The Reunion. Though I think My Dearest Visitor is one of the best chapters, and a hard act to follow. And to be fair, it also had its share of impossible technologies. Like the compass, or the remote control statues. Or the Professor's listening device, which seems to conduct sound through both a metal tube and an electric circuit.

There were also odd puzzles in the earlier chapters. Like the light bulb that glows red when you dip it in blood. I can't imagine that would really work (though I've never tried it!) Or the tapestry that you have to cut through instead of picking it up. Or even the paperboy who can't make change for a shilling.
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