Indie games are crap, and developers hate the consumer.

The Last Door isn't the only indie game you play, right?

Indie games are crap, and developers hate the consumer.

Postby MyBalls_YourMouth » Sat Sep 05, 2015 3:54 am

Speaking the truth about indie games is often hard. However, developers of indie games only care about three things:

1. Creating a game that is a poor-quality rip off of a previously existing game from the 90s.
2. Ruining the original game with poor spelling, worse grammar, multiple syntax errors, and replacing the working game with a buggy, glitchy piece of garbage.
3.Charging the consumer far more money than necessary for their inferior product, especially by offering them in chapters (i.e. not as the complete game that they are marketed and priced).

The only feasible option - as the consumer - is to disallow indie developers from ripping other hard working folks off by charging them for someone else's hard work. Please stop supporting indie games, before they continue this cultural travesty. STOP INDIE DEVELOPERS FROM STEALING OTHER PEOPLE'S GAMES!!!
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Re: Indie games are crap, and developers hate the consumer.

Postby monochrony » Fri Feb 05, 2016 5:50 am

i hope you are just plain trolling. otherwise, i tell you this:

while indeed there are some self-pronounced "indie developers", who use cheap unity assets in their broken early access shite, you should know, that this is far from being the norm. a huge amount of good developers brought us fantastic gaming experiences, which otherwise would have never come to light with any major publisher. from hotline miami over minecraft to the stanley parable. all of these great games are the reason the pc platform and gaming in general is so rich in flavour and full of innovation.
i too prefer my games to be complete, but episodic releases can be fair when done right. the last door is a particular example of that.

oh, and the term you are looking for is "retro".
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Re: Indie games are crap, and developers hate the consumer.

Postby GamesJoblin » Wed May 25, 2016 9:58 pm

Well, this is indeed quite impulsive - and wrong - generalization. Maybe you got scammed or lied by someone? It happens, there is both good and bad, same as anywhere else.
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