Has this story ended already?

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Has this story ended already?

Postby Fisher0 » Fri Feb 16, 2018 3:19 pm

All questions have been answered in the latest episode, but I love this story so much so I can not really accept it to be the last episode of the series of The Last Door. Will there be any following story to tell more about the man who enter the veil and close the door ? Will there be a new series which happens in the same world as TLD ?
TLD is the best game I have ever played ( I think the game is more like reading an adventurous and suspense story which is complicated and sad, especially attractive.) So after finishing the game I feel spiritually empty. :| As for me this game is unique and no other thing can take its place. What should I do? :(
I am a Chinese so my English is not very native. Please forgive me if reading this wastes too much time of yours.
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