Questions after finishing "The Reunion" (Spoilers)

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Questions after finishing "The Reunion" (Spoilers)

Postby Chenner123 » Fri Aug 21, 2015 12:37 am

I very much enjoyed this episode just like all the previous ones, however since "My Dearest Visitor" set such a high bar "The Reunion" simply did not reach the same level. That being said, I still loved this episode very much.
First thing first; what was the point of the picture on top of Kieran's picture left on his table in the classroom (The drawing on black ellipses)? I can't think of a single reason for it throughout the episode.
What was the point of the poem about the king in the clouds and the queen with the fiery crown? (i might not have remembered it correctly, but it was in the bottle when you first pick it up) I was hoping it to be a puzzle/clue however i don't think it was used for anything.
The poem written on the black board in the classroom is creepy and awesome, but like the previous two things I pointed out it didn't seem to serve a purpose in the overall episode. Again i was hoping it would be a lead of some sort.
What about seeing the hooded man/statue in that little house by the tree in the graveyard and the whispering that was heard? Was it just a one off scare?
Was the dog house and boat location in the village made only for the player to obtain an umbrella? A whole location just to obtain an umbrella to then grab a bottle to which then Wakefield straight up leaves in the ocean and didn't bother to keep! His reasoning must be "An umbrella in a flooded boat! This may be useful to grab a floating bottle with and afterwards i shall throw it away for surely it must serve no other useful purpose!"
I might have missed some details while playing or have forgotten some details since i finished, so any discussions on what I've mentioned would be appreciated. Currently my only answer is that they may play a role in the upcoming episode. If there's something that you found confusing then feel free to share. Maybe another player can answer them.
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