Excellent chapter! Well done

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Excellent chapter! Well done

Postby cbee » Tue Aug 18, 2015 3:11 pm

Excellent job with this episode! Reviewers had quite a few critical comments on the beta draft and I think the team has really out-done itself with the final version. In part, it is greatly helped by having the wonderful introductory and closing sequences, but I think the many alterations to the puzzles - the additional details on the festival - that creepy shadow thing! - and Wakefield's characterization - have lifted this to one of the best episodes so far. I'm impressed.

A few new thoughts:

* Kaufmann [SPOILERS] - I have to say, this was an abrupt finish to one of the game's most long-recurring characters! I think the letter was good, the emotional response from Wakefield was good, the scene in the rain was just lovely but I will be pretty disappointed if he is really dead. This character has had "mysterious" and "ambiguous alignment" all over him in giant flashing neon lights since he was first introduced. There needs to be some revelation about his true interest in this affair! And whether he is good, bad or something in-between, please please please let it it turn out that he is secretly alive so that i) he can have secrets that are revealable; and ii) they can be revealed. (I was actually half-expecting that "the reunion" would be between him and Wakefield. I was almost disappointed when it turned out to be Devitt after all!)

* End of the series? - A few other people have suggested that we could be looking at a series end with the next chapter. Honestly, if that's the plan, I really wouldn't mind at all. I think that purely from a business development perspective, you can't keep making this game forever. How long has it been, two years? You are going to have to officially end it some day and start a new project. Starting a new project would also allow you to get a nice big injection of capital once again (e.g. via another kickstarter). I imagine that could be a Good Thing for your lives - and our getting to play more of your games. :) The only proviso I have is that the ending of the series shouldn't feel rushed. Someone else mentioned that all the loose ends need to be tied up. I agree! There are so many little details from previous chapters that I would like to see reoccur - we still don't *really* know what happened to Anthony - those murders - the purpose of the Playwright - what actually happened back at school - why the photo has a missing person in it - etc. etc. - there is a lot to fit in. I could see this being done well if you did two more chapters: one end-of-season-and-series finale, and then an epilogue chapter, which could be a bit more thoughtful and research-based and dedicated to really answering all those final questions - sort of an "end of Lord of the Rings they all go back to Hobbiton" chapter. Of course, I wouldn't mind if there were one more series to go as well. :) If one-more-series is the plan, I'd only ask that we see some dramatic plot development at the end of next episode. A series finale should be a game-changer. So we really need to see some big mysteries concluded and resolved, some new challenges introduced and the rules of the game changed in a big way - like, a character death, a dramatic change in the power balance, an escalation of the stakes... Like, will Devitt have his memories back? If so, what does he remember? It'd better be a shocking revelation! (Like maybe Kaufmann was the guy he does not remember from school?!)

Ok - what just happened??? - this post has transitioned from congratulations... to suggestions... to demands! This is what you do to me! - I enjoy this thing so much I lose control! :)

Ok - reigning this in - again - BIG congratulations on this episode. Despite being a demanding fan, I am really looking forward to what comes next, whatever it may be!
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Re: Excellent chapter! Well done

Postby Hugues Claes » Tue Aug 18, 2015 4:46 pm

Hi ! It's Hugues !

I love all your feedbacks, and this one don't derogate to the rule.
I find it soooooo wellllllllllll, man ! So good !
I have nothing to add because you just all said.

Thank you very much.
Hugues Claes
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Re: Excellent chapter! Well done

Postby cbee » Wed Aug 19, 2015 8:36 am

Hey, thanks Hugues! ;)
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Re: Excellent chapter! Well done

Postby pil2grim » Wed Aug 19, 2015 8:37 pm

Hello !
Great work on that episode.
I liked the 2,5D sets and the sound design.
I felt like sound, animation and lightning have all made a step forward, together.

It was more creepy than previous episode of this season i think.
I found the puzzles easier than previous episodes (maybe am i coming smarter with the age :) )

antway thank you for that experience !!
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Re: Excellent chapter! Well done

Postby nesscat » Thu Aug 20, 2015 7:44 am

Last episode had the mega scare factor I'd been anticipating from the start, and this time we're back in spooky-ville and it's perfect. With that final cut fresh in my mind from the last episode I went through the beta and now the final product in this one with SO MUCH FEAR because at every noise, at every click to move toward the unknown, I was petrified of what I'd find. Despite there not being quite the same scare as prior, I really appreciate the return of something more eerie and mysterious.

All that said, I definitely would third/fourth everything the topic starter said! I would play this series for all of time personally, but I do know great things must come to an end. So, if the end truly is near, I'd love to see things split into the end-of-season episode and finale to the entire series route. An epilogue to wrap up any further loose ends or unsolved cases would be absolutely divine as well.

I have no opinions or suggestions content-wise. I have enjoyed this adventure since the beginning -- both beta versions and completed versions. In both I have not been disappointed, though a little frustrated here and there ;P but that's simply due to difficult puzzles. I trust you guys to give the tale you want though and that it will be superb, especially as you guys continue to take the feedback from the community and help it refine everything. The only comment I could make is "pls keep devitt alive" -- XD but that's just a fan girl request. I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever happens in the end, even if it is an anguished enjoyment. <3
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