The prayer dialogue and the Bible

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The prayer dialogue and the Bible

Postby Tweak » Thu Jul 11, 2013 6:47 pm

Minor spoiler alert, I guess.

After multiple playthroughs, I noticed some interesting things in this Chapter where choices had slightly differently results. I'm not sure if I've uncovered all that there is to be found, though.

Firstly, when one of the patients asks for your help, your choice determines whether or not you are allowed to pick up the morphine found upstairs. If you don't get the morphine, you instead get a Bible. I'm still curious, though, because the morphine is an item that can be used later in the game, but I was not able to find any use for the Bible. Anyone else have any more luck with it?

Secondly, when you are asked to pray with "Monsigneur" (not 100% certain I spelled that right), there are 3 questions which each have 3 options. I've gotten them all wrong, and I've gotten them all right, but other than changing the particular emotions the player might feel while watching this scene, I did not find any advantage to answering the questions one way or the other. Anyone else find something that ties to your answers?
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Re: The prayer dialogue and the Bible

Postby cbee » Tue Jul 16, 2013 7:24 pm

Thanks for exploring these parts of the game - I too wanted to know how my choices during the dialogue might influence things, but I was too lazy to play it enough times to try every eventuality. :D

I guess that lack of use for a Bible makes sense in a Poe and Lovecraft world. The game so far is full of people who have been forsaken by their god. Morphine, on the other hand, is pretty effective. ;)

Seriously, though, I don't have much to add other than to second your curiosity - I wanted to know if there was more here too. Anyone out there find anything?
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Re: The prayer dialogue and the Bible

Postby Mr.SanJuan » Thu Jul 25, 2013 11:59 pm

I said the following in some other post, but ill say it here again:

Another thing, I dont know if in Spain they say it differently as we do here in Venezuela, but in the spanish version of the game, in chapster 2 the "Our Father" prayer, seems a little weird. In the part part "Give us today our daily bread", is in spanish it goes: "Danos hoy nuestro pan de cada día", in the game it goes "Nuestro pan de cada día, dánoslo hoy" (or something like that), so I know I know, this is not wrong, both sentences mean the same, but the original prayer (or at least the one I have always heard usually here in Venezuela) is "Danos hoy nuestro pan de cada día", the other way seems weird to me
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Re: The prayer dialogue and the Bible

Postby kalimkhan0900 » Wed Nov 26, 2014 7:41 am

I examine what you trying to say, but i think this post need to be more comments about the topic that initial started. Hope
you understand. regards.
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