**Spoilers Horror Scenes**

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**Spoilers Horror Scenes**

Postby hafiztanzil » Thu Sep 04, 2014 7:37 am

Finally completed chapter 2. When I was starting chapter 2, I thought to myself: "I should not play"
However, after all of this incidents, I took the risk and played and I was FREAKING SCARED!!!!!!
Nice chapter although very mysterious and scary :p
My favorite horror scene in this chapter:
1.In the beginning, the eye of the bird (My heart stopped literally)
2.The backyard coffin (I thought a monster is coming and going to eat me, although very mysteriously the patient died when I released him/her)
3.Before the room of father Ernest where he was praying, the hall (Man, what's happening with the glasses??)
4.In the room of father Ernest ( This place is very mysterious. I thought the old man was dead in the beginning and I read in the letter that he was ill and stopped teaching. Therefore, I was amazed to see the old man alive. However, when he told me to pray with him, I knew that he was up-to something.
5.In the dream (This place is horribly scary and the bunny story made it more scary.)Not a good fairy tale I guess ;)
6.The place with the dead bodies (I thought there's a monster lurking around the shadows and waiting to kill me, although there was no monsters.Phew I'm saved i guess. :lol: )

**Finally my favorite horror scene**
Presenting the awful bunny scene!! :D
When I was in the dream, I knew that there's definitely coming my way. When I finished reading the bunny story, I paused, because I knew there's something weird here.Out of nowhere a group of bunnies came with an awful sight. I was really scared and the music, don't talk about it.I was totally confused, regarding where should I go.Should I go the way I came or should I open the underground hatch. Luckily, a beautiful short film came and made me stop worrying about the bunnies.

Thanks guys for making a beautiful horror game. (I think I'm never going to play chapter 3 because of the scary issues)
Just kidding :lol: I'll definitely play the next chapter ;)
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Re: **Spoilers Horror Scenes**

Postby TGK_RDM » Thu Sep 04, 2014 12:53 pm

Hey Mate!

Thanks for the inputs! (and sorry to scare you that much! ;)

We hope you can find the strengths to keep on playing! ;)


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Re: **Spoilers Horror Scenes**

Postby Dr.Majid » Sun Sep 21, 2014 2:23 pm

Actualy, the hall before you reach Father Ernest, the window breaking you are talking about occured in the places where three guys (with broken phrases with together formed a sentence) were standing :) By the way can we get more than one ending for this?
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Re: **Spoilers Horror Scenes**

Postby TGK_RDM » Mon Sep 22, 2014 9:57 am

Hey Mates,

Well, those phrases have only one rigth order if that is what you're asking! :)

Thanks for your comments!

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